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  • 11.02.2019

    VEGAS Creative Software announces the all-new VEGAS Movie Studio 16. Powerful new features allow beginners as well as advanced users to create stunning videos in an efficient, fun editing environment.

    The Guided Video Creator leads users from the beginning to the end through four easy steps to a complete movie. Even without previous experience, everyone can achieve impressive results. Focused editing modes offer specialized user interfaces to import and arrange files, add graphics, apply effects and transitions, and finish the movie. The user can easily switch between modes or jump into Power User mode for fast, efficient video creation.


    “The unique Guided Video Creator helps anyone edit a movie fast regardless of experience level. When you're ready for more control, the streamlined mode-based workflow guides you through the process, and full-featured Power User mode gives you the ultimate creative control. VEGAS Movie Studio makes it possible for anyone to produce great videos no matter how much experience they have”, says Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Movie Studio Product Owner.


    Robust enhancements to the Project Media window make it easy to scrub through thumbnails to find the best part of a clip and set in and out points to isolate just the section of the video needed. For more precision, thumbnails can be resized. With the powerful interactive storyboard, users can quickly assemble a rough cut while edits instantly and automatically appear on the timeline. With these and many other intelligent workflow enhancements, VEGAS Movie Studio once again sets new standards in intuitive video editing.

    In addition to these features in the basic version, the Platinum and the Suite versions introduce an impressive array of powerful new features normally found in professional video editing software. Precise motion tracking allows for easily tracking an moving object, isolating it to apply FX and adding text to follow it. The new video stabilization engine in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 quickly stabilizes wobbly footage and creates smooth, professional videos in an instant. With the complete 360° editing workflow, dual-fisheye footage can now be stitched, processed and exported with ease.

    VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Suite offers advanced users an exciting package from NewBlueFX, including Titler Pro Express, for professional, animated 3D titles; the powerful and intuitive Chroma Key Pro; Essentials 5 Volume 3, with a large collection of professional-level tools to perfect colors, sharpen details, and polish the finished project; and much more.


    “Users make it clear that they need tools which help them have fun while being productive,” says Rebholz. “VEGAS Movie Studio 16 brings powerful tools like those the pros use to everyone, and makes creating videos easy even while offering the most sophisticated editing tools and features.”


    New features at a glance:

    Guided Video Creator: The uniquely clever Guided Video Creator leads through video creation from start to finish. Use it to arrange clips, add music and titles, and finish the movie all within a single window – always with the option to take full control in the timeline.

    Mode-based workflows: Move between specialized interfaces for all kinds of editing tasks to ensure fast and efficient video creation. A Power User mode offers complete access to all of the advanced tools.

    Interactive storyboard editing: Easily create a rough cut of the video. Make changes and edits in the storyboard and see them automatically updated on the main timeline.

    Hover Scrub: Move the mouse across video thumbnails in the storyboard to scrub through the video down to exact frames and find the important parts before adding them to the project.

    In/Out points: Set in and out points in video files before adding them to the timeline so that timeline clip events will be automatically trimmed to the selected points.

    Resizable thumbnails: Resize video thumbnails in the storyboard to see more detail and hover scrub to exact frames more easily for setting in and out points precisely.

    Preview multiple selected files: Preview multiple media clips in sequence with a single play. A fast way to make and preview a rough edit.

    Render cancel confirmation: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 ensures maximum protection by requesting confirmation before cancelling a rendering process.

    Delete track warning: The new safety feature sends a warning if the track to be deleted contains any media.


    Exclusively in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum and Suite:

    Precise motion tracking: Isolate, follow, and apply FX to moving objects in any scene, and pin other objects to move along with them.

    Video stabilization: Stabilize shaky footage and get smooth, professional video results with just a click.

    Bézier Masking OFX: Isolate and add effects to objects easier than ever by quickly adding and customizing Bézier masks directly in the preview window.

    360° editing workflow: Make immersive, interactive video environments quickly and efficiently. Easily stitch together dual-fisheye footage, preview videos in 360°, and export directly to YouTube or other 360° video services.

    Auto save and backup: Automatically save after every edit, and set an interval for periodic automatic file back up to keep multiple project versions.

    Add missing stream: Use a simple right-click to automatically add back audio or video of a clip to the timeline.

    Display length on event: See the exact length of timeline clip events displayed right in the event header. Type an exact value accurate to the frame to change the length of any event directly.

    Temporarily ignore event grouping: Temporarily ignore event grouping to move an event while it stays permanently grouped with other events.

    Indicate effects: Use this feature to see which media has FX added, then access and edit the effects directly from the timeline.

    NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate: This plug-in provides a huge array of great pro-level animated transitions to give all videos a personalized look.


    Exclusively in VEGAS Movie Studio Suite:

    NewBlueFX Packages: Titler Pro Express, Chroma Key Pro, Cartoonr Plus, Cinema Collection Template Pack, Fluid Template Pack, and Essentials 5 Volume 3 – all powerful tools to give all videos a polished, professional shine.


    Prices and availability:

    • VEGAS Movie Studio 16 – £39.99
    • VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum – £59.99
    • VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Suite – £99.99


    Learn more at www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vegas-movie-studio/.

  • 28.01.2019

    ACID Music Studio 11 now has the innovative power of the completely updated legend for loop-based music production, ACID Pro 8. It packs a 64-bit engine behind a brand-new GUI, new instruments, effects, and many new ACIDized loops.

    Simply make great music

    ACID Music Studio 11 is the ideal way to join the ACID music community and discover why so many producers across the world are choosing this unique approach to making music. The latest version has been completely overhauled with a powerful 64-bit engine, slick new interface and a wealth of added features and plug-ins that bring professional music production to a whole new audience. With eight amazing new instruments, six top-quality effects and more than 2,500 new ACIDized loops, ACID Music Studio 11 has everything to turn inspiration into great music – fast and easy. Compose with speed, add tracks, instruments and ideas with just a few clicks. Edit audio, change the pitch and tempo – and do it all in real-time.

    A brand-new recording studio

    Besides its new 64-bit architecture, ACID Music Studio 11 comes with the possibility to record up to 24-bit/192kHz high-quality multitrack audio. Inline Editing allows for intricate or sweeping edits directly on ACID's timeline, and the familiar Drum Grid mode makes it easy to create beats in no time. ACID Music Studio 11 also includes numerous of sophisticated features that one would only expect to find in DAWs for professional beat producers – including Multiple Event Editing, MIDI track freeze and Keyframe Automation, which facilitates all real-time edits to be recorded as part of the mix. It even features tools like Beatmapper and Chopper, making it a powerful remix tool as well. With all of its advanced new features and slick workflow, ACID Music Studio 11 is an intuitive solution for all creative music needs.


    Torsten Heise, ACID Music Studio 11's Product Owner, says: "ACID defined the concept of loop-based music production over two decades ago. In ACID Music Studio 11, we have added a great deal of features, but also refined the workflow with a brand-new GUI so that your musical ideas can be realised quickly and easily. Add rock solid reliability to this slick and inspiring environment and we believe that you can focus totally on what is most important: your music making. With advanced new features and plug-ins, professional music production is now accessible to everyone."


    Highlights at a glance:

    Over 2,500 all-new ACIDized loops: A locker full of inspiration for a wide variety of genres – every ACIDized loop contains the core ingredients behind ACID music composition, including pitch, length and transient data for easy mixing of loops to create songs in an instant.

    Powerful 64-bit architecture: A new 64-bit engine utilizes all the computer's power to run even the largest music projects smoothly.

    Sleek and modern interface: A new interface offers an inspiring environment for today's beat producers and clear access to all of ACID Music Studio 11's features.

    Eight new virtual instruments: An all-new suite of VITA Solo instruments comprising Urban Drums, the Concert Grand piano, Pop Drums, Electric Piano, the DN-e1 analog synthesizer and the powerful VITA 2 opens an array of new creative options.

    Six brand-new pro effects: ACID Music Studio 11 adds a suite of new effects – including the eFX Chorus Flanger, Limiter, Phaser and Stereo Delay, plus the ultra-realistic Vandal guitar amplifier and effects plug-in – to give music a pro sound.

    Advanced, easily accessible MIDI features: MIDI Keyframe Automation, Multiple Event Editing, Track Freeze and Drum and Patch Map Editing are just some of the advanced MIDI features that are easy to implement in ACID Music Studio 11.

    Inline editing for perfect notes and beats: All Inline Editing takes place using just one window for a streamlined workflow. Familiar piano-style editing can be used to adjust multiple note parameters and Drum Grid mode for perfect beat programming.

    Remixing tools: ACID Music Studio 11 includes unique tools like Beatmapper and Chopper to create remixes with chopped and sliced effects.


    Price and availability:

    • ACID Music Studio 11 – £49.99


    Learn more at www.magix.com/gb/music/acid/acid-music-studio/.

  • 14.01.2019

    The latest version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio delivers the power of SOUND FORGE Pro to a broader audience, as it provides everything that today's sound makers and audio designers need in an easy, intuitive package.

    More flexible. More efficient.

    SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 refines existing features and also adds completely new functionality. Highlights include a new Event Tool that brings non-destructive editing to the SOUND FORGE Audio Studio platform. It’s now possible to make cuts to your audio files without hard transitions which you can adjust, edit and undo at any time, long after they were made. There's a brand-new, fully-customizable interface, adjustable with four different hues: Dark, Medium, Light and White. Six channels of audio processing allow you to edit files in full 5.1 surround sound. Add many new effects and tools plus iZotope's Ozone 8 Elements and you have everything that any audio enthusiast or professional needs – from hobbyist to audiophile, podcaster to music producer.

    Intuitive workflow. Professional results.

    With up to 32-bit/384kHz high-quality multitrack audio recording, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 will capture the best quality results for bands, singer-songwriters, or any other musicians. It also includes a multitude of editing features that can help deliver perfect podcasts or restore and repair old vinyl and tape audio to produce top-quality digital masters. You can prepare CDs for duplication, mix in surround sound, create quality soundtracks, or master music for CD or streaming – SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 handles any audio task you throw at it, with ease. Professional results tied to an intuitive workflow mean that it really does put high-performance audio editing well within reach of everybody.


    Thomas Wolf, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13's Product Owner says: “SOUND FORGE Pro has been the number one professional audio-editing choice for more than 25 years. With SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13, our goal was to deliver all of that SOUND FORGE Pro know-how and power in an efficient, speedy and versatile package that appeals to everyone. We think that today's bloggers, producers, engineers and sound designers – or anyone who needs professional results and an intuitive workflow – will love what we've managed to pack into SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13.”


    The new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365

    Finally, MAGIX Software is also offering SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365, a flexible subscription option for great all-around audio editing. It has all the features from SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13, but delivers future updates, patches, upgrades, and new features as they are released, all for a low monthly subscription starting at £2.49 per month.


    Main features at a glance:

    All-new non-destructive editing: The Event Tool allows you to create completely non-destructive audio edits – save and return to them at any time. Editable crossfades can be created between audio files to reduce noise and offer smoother transitions.

    Brand-new customizable interface: Choose from four different hues – Dark, Medium, Light and White – to make the GUI more suited to the way you work. The window layout is also completely flexible and adjustable.

    Powerful 64-bit architecture: Utilize all the power from your computer to run even the most complex of projects, latency free.

    New surround 5.1 editing: Up to six channels of audio processing can handle all of your surround recording and editing needs.

    Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tool: Convert and repair your favourite records and tapes. Remove vinyl crackle and boost volume levels, and then burn to CD or convert the audio to any popular format including MP3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

    Dozens of plug-ins: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 ships with numerous effects and plug-ins including Bitmachine, Chorus, Analog Delay, Distortion, Filter, and Flanger.

    VST3 support: Use any plug-ins made by third party manufacturers as SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has VSTS2/ VST3 support.

    Comes with iZotope Ozone Elements 8: Prepare your mixes for radio and streaming. Professionally-designed presets for different genres give you a crystal-clear and powerful sound.


    SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 is now available online and in stores worldwide.


    Prices and availability:

    • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 – £49.99
    • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365 – from £2.49 per month


    Learn more at www.magix.com/gb/music/sound-forge-audio-studio/.

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    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

    "MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 is an excellent video editing software that turns you into a genuine film director. MAGIX also offers Premium and Plus versions, which not only provide enhancements for conventional video editing, but also additional tools." | chip.de

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    VEGAS Pro 15

    "VEGAS Pro 15 provides complete, modern editing tools in a lean, logical interface to help you realize your highest creativity." | Download.com

  • Download.com (US) - 06/2018

    MAGIX Music Maker

    "(...) studio-quality multitrack music production capabilities in an easy-to-use package." | Download.com

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  • 04.02.2019
    The new SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is a specialized tool for easy digitization, cleaning and restoration of audio. The software offers a range of selected presets and practical 1-click solutions that are specially designed for this area of application. Together with a range of other functions, Audio Cleaning Lab is a digital "Swiss army knife" that should be a component of any PC. SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab replaces the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab range. Discover the new generation of software with 64-bit power and lots more. ► More information: https://goo.gl/aky4i4 Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: https://www.magix.com/en/magazin/
  • 14.01.2019
    This is audio editing… for everyone. The all new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has the tools, the features and professional effects you need for any audio task, be that recording, editing, restoration or mastering. Record top quality podcasts, digitize and restore your old records and tapes, prepare CDs for duplication, master your music for broadcast or streaming, create video soundtracks. Professional audio editing is just a few clicks away with SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. ► More information: https://www.magix.com/us/music/sound-forge-audio-studio/ Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/ ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/
  • 14.12.2018
    2018 is not over yet and we are still celebrating 25 years of MAGIX! Join us while we having a look at our favorite products! Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/ ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/
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