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  • 14.12.2018

    With the release of version four of Samplitude Pro X, MAGIX once again sets new standards in the fields of recording, mixing and mastering. The new functions in the DAW were developed in close collaboration with users and seamlessly integrated into the workflow.


    Automation Lanes

    For the first time ever, automated effect parameters can be displayed and operated in lanes inside of an audio tracks. Clip and object automation can be clearly and efficiently edited together utilizing this feature. Furthermore, the handling of automation data has been optimized.


    The workflow for finding and applying plug-ins has also been significantly improved via the Plug-in Browser. Effects and instruments can now be filtered into various categories. Additionally, the user has option to create individual collections of favorites. Furthermore, keyboard operation has also been optimized.

    Intelligent MIDI Edits

    Samplitude Pro X4 now offers additional options for MIDI editing. MIDI automation data can now be edited, scaled, mirrored, stretched and shrunk more efficiently and effectively. The feature for smoothing and enhancing automation data provides smoother transitions in compositions.


    To ensure optimum performance for recording and playback, back-end multicore operation and other improvements have been made. The new ASIO Priority Boost Option ensures absolute reliability thanks to CPU prioritization. 


    The new Samplitude Pro X4 Suite distinguishes itself with its high-performance effects and plug-ins in the fields of mixing and master. In addition to professional features such as EBU-standard Loudness Metering and the complete Cleaning & Restoration Suite, the Suite version also includes the full version of the audio editor SOUND FORGE Pro 11.

    With its flexible subscription service Samplitude Pro X 365, MAGIX now also offers the possibility to use all functions of the Samplitude Pro X4 Suite including SpectraLayers Pro 5 starting at a monthly fee of £11.99.


    Prices and availability:

    • Samplitude Pro X4 – £299.99
    • Samplitude Pro X4 Suite – £449.99
    • Samplitude Pro X 365 – from £11.99 per month


    Learn more at  https://www.magix.com/gb/music/samplitude/.

  • 27.08.2018

    VEGAS Creative Software delivers next-generation video editing with the release of VEGAS Pro 16. With a high-performance video engine, intelligent workflow enhancements, and long-awaited, state-of-the-art editing features, the fastest video editor on the market is now packed with more power, speed, and innovation.

    VEGAS Pro 16 delivers the groundbreaking improvements to solidify the software's well-earned reputation as the leader for professional video creation. It now includes professional-level Video Stabilization so that even the shakiest camera footage can be salvaged with ease, and cutting-edge Motion Tracking so that any object on screen can be tracked and edited with a range of options and filters and effects can be added to tracked objects for color grading, blurring, pixelization, and more. Powerful Dynamic Storyboarding features enable the creation and organization of rough cuts and alternate sequences with a speed unrivaled by any other video editor. Multiple Storyboards allow for easy experimentation with different video cuts, allowing users to quickly switch between alternate project edits to compare and create. VEGAS Pro 16 now offers an end-to-end workflow for High Dynamic Range color (HDR) so it is compatible with professional HDR-capable cameras, monitors, and other hardware. Now VEGAS Pro users can deliver HDR content with stunning color and detail along with important metadata. Full 360° video support has been introduced so 360º video productions can be edited to meet the growing demands of the emerging VR market.

    With these headline additions, plus a wide array of other new features (see below) VEGAS Pro 16 is now, more than ever before, the logical choice for fast, intuitive, and creative, professional-level video productions.


    Gary Rebholz, Product Owner for VEGAS Pro says: “VEGAS Pro has always been the fastest way to create professional videos, but with version 16 we've once again set the bar for professional video and audio production. With innovative features and efficient workflow additions, including several important tools and options the VEGAS Pro community has been waiting for, we've taken the next critical step in building the new-generation video editor. The fastest video editor on the planet just got even faster!”


    VEGAS Pro 16: major new features in detail

    Motion Tracking

    VEGAS Pro 16 features a powerful, native motion tracking tool that enables the user to track the movement of an object through the video frame and edit it with a range of options. For the first time ever, this allows VEGAS users to apply spot color grading, pixelization, or isolated color grading and correction to moving objects. Also, it is possible to "pin" titles to the tracked object so that text automatically follows movement. The new motion tracking opens a variety of exciting possibilities for projects, especially in combination with the Bézier Masking tools, filters, and effects.

    Video Stabilization

    The world-class video stabilization engine has been designed from the ground up with the latest technology. This results in faster, more efficient, and more accurate stabilization than in previous versions of VEGAS, even with 4K media. The redesigned video stabilization is an essential tool for modern handheld production techniques and offers speed, simplicity, and a nondestructive workflow with flexible settings to achieve precise results. It's also been designed to take advantage of newer multicore processors, so owners of high-powered, modern PCs can enjoy speed and precision.

    Dynamic Storyboarding

    This powerful tool speeds up the cutting process and fosters creativity. Dynamic Storyboarding can be used to easily assemble rough cuts and alternate sequences so multiple ideas can be compared quickly. Thanks to the interconnected storyboard and timeline, any edits made on the main storyboard are directly reflected in the project timeline, while multiple additional storyboards allow for experimental edits and cuts.

    Additional Workflow Enhancements

    The further improved Hover Scrub feature makes it incredibly easy to locate specific video frames using a mouse with a thumbnail of the project in the Media Window. Project Media thumbnails can now be adjusted in size, enabling finer Hover Scrubbing and more accurate location of specific video frames. Users can now drag a bin to the timeline, including all of the media in storyboard bins, in order to add video events into the project timeline simultaneously rather than having to add files individually.

    Full HDR Support

    With High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, users can now take advantage of the latest advances in color technology to deliver amazing HDR quality including ultra-realistic video with stunning colors, richly textured blacks, and even the detail in bright spots that may have been blown out before. All aspects of the HDR workflow are covered including import, real-time HDR preview, HDR-aware video scopes, render to HDR with metadata, and even integrated, one-click HDR publishing directly to YouTube. It is now possible to complete a project from start to finish in full HDR with VEGAS Pro 16.

    Complete 360° Compatibility

    VEGAS Pro 16 includes support to meet the growing demands of the 360º video market. It includes templates for many of the most popular cameras such as the Samsung Gear 360, LG 360° cam, and Ricoh Theta. Users have the option to match their project properties to their 360º footage. VEGAS Pro 16 can stitch together dual-fisheye video and import 360° video stitched by cameras or other software. The workflow allows you to render 360º video files including Scene Rotation or the Tiny Planet effect.

    Comprehensive file backup options

    VEGAS Pro 16 offers the flexibility of multiple options when it comes to backing up projects, so if a user is working on a complex project, or one that is pushing the very limits of their PC, they can enjoy complete peace of mind. Users can back their work up after a set time which can be determined in minutes and hours, as well as daily backups. Projects can be saved and backed up automatically after every edit. All backups can be saved to the same folder as the project file, a temporary location, or any user-defined location.

    Four ways to enjoy VEGAS Pro 16

    VEGAS Pro 16 is available in four versions. VEGAS Pro 16 Edit is the base option, but still offers the complete VEGAS Pro feature set including all the new features such as Motion Tracking, Video Stabalization, and HDR Support. VEGAS Pro 16 is the standard version with additional software including Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit plug-in (a $195 value) for incredible lighting effects, proDAD VitaScene V3 LE (a $199 value) with 100 video effects, and VEGAS DVD Architect for professional DVD and Blu-ray authoring. VEGAS Pro 16 Suite is the ultimate video-editing package with all the new features and professional extras including the FXhome HitFilm Ignite Pro (a $200 value) bundle's 180 plug-ins, the proDAD VitaScene V3 PRO (a $599 value) package of around 700 effects, and the Boris FX Sapphire Lighting Unit (a $595 value) set of spectacular natural and synthetic lighting effects. With VEGAS Pro 365, users get all the power and functionality of the regular VEGAS Pro 16, but enjoy future updates immediately upon release, full support, plus the VEGAS Pro 365 exclusive plug-in FXhome HitFilm Ignite 360 Toolkit (a $49.99 value) all for a low monthly fee.

    VEGAS Pro 16 is now available online and in stores worldwide.


    Prices and availability:

    • VEGAS Pro 16 Edit – £299.00
    • VEGAS Pro 16 – £499.00
    • VEGAS Pro 16 Suite – £649.00
    • VEGAS Pro 365 – from £12.42 per month


    Learn more at https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vegas-pro/.

  • 13.08.2018

    MAGIX releases the 2019 version of Movie Edit Pro. The new version of the popular video software for budding filmmakers enables even large and complex video projects to easily be made a reality. With the comprehensive effects pack included, a wide range of new creative tools is available for designing the ultimate cinematic experience.

    More speed, more creative freedom

    Movie Edit Pro has been redesigned with powerful new basic technology, so users can work smoothly with even the most complex video productions. In no time at all and no matter it being a short video or larger movie, amazing results are achieved. Thanks to full CPU acceleration, users can quickly create large projects with virtually no boundaries, using high-resolution video footage in up to 4K and with tons of effects. All with seamless, smooth editing and high program stability. Completed movies can now be exported at higher speeds – all thanks to the new INTEL GPU hardware acceleration.

    Simplified, clear workflows

    Movie projects can now easily be made a reality to the finished movie and beyond. With the new flexible track handling, tracks can now be freely sorted, deleted or added. Users can add videos, effects and music with the highest precision to the exact location they need by using the new destination track and save time in the process. The new chapter export feature is also efficient and practical. This can now be used to export individual chapters rather than the entire film project. In addition, using plug-ins and effect dialogs is now simpler than ever. They have been integrated in a more intuitive way and are now much easier to operate.


    "The new Movie Edit Pro makes creating an impressive movie significantly faster and easier", says Florian Liepold, Product Owner for Movie Edit Pro. "The new version is built using professional technology, meaning that beginners to video editing can also benefit from a seamless workflow that's lots of fun and easy to operate."


    More effects, more creative possibilities

    Movie Edit Pro 2019 includes over 20 brand new titles that can be directly accessed from the built-in Movie Edit Pro Store. These effects are free for Premium version users, thanks to the supplied coupon. 3 exclusive effect plug-ins are included in Movie Edit Pro Premium: Legendary travel route animation from Vasco da Gama in the latest 11 HD Essential version, plus high-quality effect transitions by proDAD VitaScene V3 LE and a cinema pack for adding Hollywood color & flair, HitFilm Ignite Color: Cine (€ 367,99 total value).

    HEIF image import and free Update Service

    HEIF image format can now be imported into Movie Edit Pro. Together with HEVC import, the program provides excellent support for the latest generation of iPhones. The whole Movie Edit Pro range comes with a full year of the Update Service for free. This way, users who purchase the software will automatically receive any upcoming updates.


    New features at a glance:

    • Finish your movies even faster: CPU acceleration, faster export including export of chapters
    • Full control: Flexible track handling & active destination track
    • Intuitive operation: New dialogs for plug-ins and effects
    • Exclusive to the Premium version: MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 11, proDAD VitaScene V3 LE, HitFilm Ignite Color: Cine
    • More creative possibilities: Premium effects pack worth a value of € 49,95
    • Comprehensive media support: Edit iPhone photos in HEIF format
    • Includes the Update Service for 1 full year of all new features for free


    Price and availability:

    • Movie Edit Pro – £59.99
    • Movie Edit Pro Plus – £79.99
    • Movie Edit Pro Premium – £99.99


    Learn more at www.magix.com/gb/video/movie-edit-pro/.

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