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  • 09.07.2018

    MAGIX releases the best-sounding, most powerful Music Maker of all time. 23 years after the program was first released, Music Maker is now equipped with a brand new technology system. The high-performance 64-bit Hybrid Audio Engine from renowned DAW, Samplitude, has now been ported into the program, enabling music lovers everywhere to produce audio in authentic studio quality – right from the start.

    Better sound, improved performance

    The additional performance boost to Music Maker comes in the form of new multicore support. All CPU cores in a computer can be optimally used, meaning that significantly more instruments and effects can be used simultaneously.
    Additionally, a wide range of new plug-ins are also available. The new essentialFX Plug-in Suite offers users a high-quality selection of audio tools for a wide range of tasks. Reverb plug-in VariVerb II and mastering wizard Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope are essentials for any studio setup – and now included in the Premium Edition of Music Maker.

    Even more loops and effects

    18 brand new Soundpools are also included within the bundle. Users can choose from over 270 Soundpools – from EDM, rock and hip-hop to trap and pop – and combine them with over 60 instruments and effects in Music Maker, so there's no limits to the creative possibilities.


    "Since its release in March 2017, the free version of Music Maker has been used by over 2 million new beat producers. We're now bringing loop-based production to a whole new level of performance. And the results can be clearly heard. There's a huge improvement to overall sound and performance, all thanks to the new audio engine. Now, anyone can create their own songs in high quality and in no time at all, even if they don't have any previous experience." – Matthias Trautwein, Product Owner for Music Maker.


    Highlights of the Music Maker family at a glance:

    • Professional audio engine for true studio sound
    • Multicore support for improved performance
    • Over 330 Soundpools, effects & instruments
    • New high-quality plug-ins: Analog Modelling Suite, Vintage Effects Suite, VariVerb II and Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope
    • Free updates for as long as we continue to develop Music Maker


    The latest Music Maker Plus Edition and Music Maker Premium Edition contain all the basic program functions as well as large content packages allowing users to freely choose and combine their content. At the outset, Music Maker Premium Edition provides access to 3 Soundpools, 1 Soundpool Collection, 8 instruments, 9 feature packs and 3 preset packs worth up to € 699. Users can also purchase additional content via the in-app Music Maker Store.


    Prices and availability:

    • Music Maker – free download
    • Music Maker Plus Edition – £49.99
    • Music Maker Premium Edition – £99.99
    • Music Maker Control Edition – £119.99
      (Music Maker Premium Edition + USB-Keyboard)
    • Music Maker Performer Edition – £139.99
      (Music Maker Premium Edition + novation Launchkey Mini)

    More information at https://www.magix.com/gb/music/music-maker/.

  • 28.05.2018

    The latest Video Pro X has arrived. Right on time to mark the anniversary, the powerful video processing system from MAGIX offers an extensive program of intelligent new and optimized features that help ambitious users to achieve high-end results even faster than ever before.

    Focus on performance

    The most recent update from MAGIX had already put a strong focus on increased performance. However, the new version introduces the largest performance leap ever. For the first time, HEVC/H.265 video export can now be rendered with the NVIDIA GPU's encoder. This makes export speeds possible, which were inconceivable in the past. Also new to the latest version is the comprehensive AVX optimization in the internal image processing and the 3-way color correction resulting in faster image processing and much more precise output quality during color conversion. Additionally, the output of 4K source videos into FullHD quality has been optimized by reducing high-frequency image components. This results in fewer bit errors during the conversion of high-resolution recordings.

    More productive workflows

    With the new Video Pro X, MAGIX pushes ahead with its workflow optimization strategy. The latest improvements include the new time-saving J-L cut and the intuitive "Move object content" mouse mode. With J-L edits, video and audio tracks can now be modified individually without losing the advantages of working with grouping. Especially for video editors who work regularly with overlapping objects, such as spoken audio spanning several scenes in documentaries and interviews, work will become noticeably easier, and object content can now be moved more flexibly. From now on, users can intuitively select and adjust image content from video objects with a click of the mouse while maintaining the editing rhythm.

    New effects area & optimized creative tools

    The Video Pro X effects area has been enhanced and is now more clearly organized and user friendlier than ever. Users can quickly navigate to the effects they want and control plugins much more intuitively meaning the creative workflow stays uninterrupted. Chroma Keying has also been optimized in response to customer feedback. A new algorithm supports the ability to recognize and extract objects. 360° editing was also improved. 360° image stabilization, a set of spectacular 360° transitions, and special 360° effects from HitFilm now supplement the Video Pro X 360° editing package. And now even stereoscopic videos can be processed by Video Pro X.


    "10 years of development have been invested in the new Video Pro X. We would like to introduce the largest update in the history of Video Pro X as a way to say thank you to our loyal customers. Without the continuous feedback from the Video Pro X community, the software would by far not be as sophisticated and powerful as it is today," says Florian Liepold, Product Owner Video Pro X at MAGIX.


    Video Pro X comes with a year of Update Service free of charge. So, users who now decide to purchase the software will automatically receive any upcoming updates. For example, the flexible anchor point positioning, an intelligent function that helps to individually select the object focus – for maximum design flexibility while scaling and rotating.


    All new Video Pro X features at a glance:

    • Accelerated export with NVIDIA NVENC support
    • Optimized workflow including J-L cuts
    • New effects area and In-App Store
    • Precise chroma keying
    • Improved Full HD output quality
    • Complete 360° package, including HitFilm effects
    • AVX-optimized algorithms
    • OpenFX interface with multithreading
    • HEIF image import for optimal support of iOS devices
    • Includes Update Service for 1 full year of all new features


    Prices and availability:
    Video Pro X – £299.00

  • 23.04.2018

    The loop-based Digital Audio Workstation ACID Pro is back with its first major update in ten years. MAGIX Software has completely overhauled the software that revolutionised loop-based music making 20 years ago and has added many new professional features, instruments and effects and an all-powerful 64-bit architecture. Yet with a brand new, sleek and modern interface and its innovative loop-based compositional environment, the software retains the easy workflow that it is famous for. ACID Pro has been revitalized for today's creative artist and producer, but is as easy to use today as it was at its release 20 years ago.

    The last major update to ACID Pro, by the previous owner Sony Creative Software, was in 2008. ACID Pro 8 not only represents a major upgrade of the software, but demonstrates MAGIX Software's commitment to the brand going forward. Indeed the company will be adding VST3 support in a free update later this year. ACID Pro 8 is sure to please both new users looking for a creative DAW that marries top-spec features with ease of use, and also its large and loyal fanbase – which MAGIX consulted with for many of with whom MAGIX has worked closely together in developing many of the new updates.



    Whether you are making 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recordings, mixing with multiple effects in real time, or composing with dozens of plug-in instruments – thanks to its new powerful 64-bit architecture, ACID Pro 8 will step up to the plate and offer all the latency free power you need and support for state-of-the-art 64-bit instruments.

    With the new interface, MAGIX has redesigned the GUI to enhance working in a dimmed environment and further improve ACID Pro's famed ease of use. The sleek and modern interface makes navigating and editing a breeze.

    MAGIX has also added over £1000 of instruments, loops and effects to ACID Pro 8. There's powerful virtual analogue synthesizer from DN-e1; first-class effect plug-ins and high-quality audio tools from essentialFX Suite; screaming guitar effects by way of Vandal SE; flexible and high quality sampling from Vita 2; plus 11 Vita solo instruments that cover everything from Pop Drums to Cinematic Synths. ACID Pro 8 also comes with a 9GB library of all new ACIDized loops and samples.

    MAGIX has also announced producerplanet.com: a new comprehensive online content platform where users can purchase even more ACIDized loops, sounds and instruments.


    ACID Pro 365

    With ACID Pro 365, MAGIX now also offers a flexible subscription service. Users get all the power and functionality of the regular ACID Pro 8 but enjoy all future updates, full support plus additional instruments and effects for a monthly fee from £5.99.


    “ACID Pro has a long, distinguished history and a very large and loyal following. It was vital, then, that we spent a long time consulting with this ACID community of artists and producers over how we should improve the software. We are very pleased that most of their suggestions have been included in ACID Pro 8. This enormous passion of the ACID fan base has really transferred to me and my team,” says Torsten Heise, ACID Pro 8's product owner. “We firmly believe that, with its enhanced power and features-set, this latest version of ACID Pro will appeal to those users and a completely new generation of creative musicians and professional producers. ACID Pro 8 heralds a new dawn in the software's glorious history and will become the DAW of choice for today's forward-thinking and creative artists.”


    Apart from ACID Pro 8, MAGIX Software has already driven the development of other professional audio titles forward, such as SOUND FORGE Pro 12 and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12.


    New Features of ACID Pro 8 at a glance:

    • A modern, sleek and inspiring user interface
    • Powerful 64-bit technology
    • Flexible 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recording
    • Advanced MIDI and audio editing features
    • £1000 of new plug-in instruments, loops and effects
    • 9GB of all-new ACIDized loops


    Prices and availability:

    • ACID Pro 8 – £119.00
    • ACID Pro 365 – from £5.99 per month

    More information at www.magix.com/gb/music/acid-pro/

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  • 12.07.2018
    "With the creative team at MAGIX now in charge of the former Sony Creative catalogue, Sound Forge Pro 12 For Windows has now been released. Existing users will find plenty that’s familiar about the new version as all the core editing and audio handling options are, of course, retained. However, there are also plenty of welcome new features with perhaps the highlight - under the hood – being that Sound Forge’s core code has been reworked to embrace the advantages that 64-bit operation brings."
  • 03.07.2018
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