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  • 23.04.2018

    The loop-based Digital Audio Workstation ACID Pro is back with its first major update in ten years. MAGIX Software has completely overhauled the software that revolutionised loop-based music making 20 years ago and has added many new professional features, instruments and effects and an all-powerful 64-bit architecture. Yet with a brand new, sleek and modern interface and its innovative loop-based compositional environment, the software retains the easy workflow that it is famous for. ACID Pro has been revitalized for today's creative artist and producer, but is as easy to use today as it was at its release 20 years ago.

    The last major update to ACID Pro, by the previous owner Sony Creative Software, was in 2008. ACID Pro 8 not only represents a major upgrade of the software, but demonstrates MAGIX Software's commitment to the brand going forward. Indeed the company will be adding VST3 support in a free update later this year. ACID Pro 8 is sure to please both new users looking for a creative DAW that marries top-spec features with ease of use, and also its large and loyal fanbase – which MAGIX consulted with for many of with whom MAGIX has worked closely together in developing many of the new updates.



    Whether you are making 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recordings, mixing with multiple effects in real time, or composing with dozens of plug-in instruments – thanks to its new powerful 64-bit architecture, ACID Pro 8 will step up to the plate and offer all the latency free power you need and support for state-of-the-art 64-bit instruments.

    With the new interface, MAGIX has redesigned the GUI to enhance working in a dimmed environment and further improve ACID Pro's famed ease of use. The sleek and modern interface makes navigating and editing a breeze.

    MAGIX has also added over £1000 of instruments, loops and effects to ACID Pro 8. There's powerful virtual analogue synthesizer from DN-e1; first-class effect plug-ins and high-quality audio tools from essentialFX Suite; screaming guitar effects by way of Vandal SE; flexible and high quality sampling from Vita 2; plus 11 Vita solo instruments that cover everything from Pop Drums to Cinematic Synths. ACID Pro 8 also comes with a 9GB library of all new ACIDized loops and samples.

    MAGIX has also announced producerplanet.com: a new comprehensive online content platform where users can purchase even more ACIDized loops, sounds and instruments.


    ACID Pro 365

    With ACID Pro 365, MAGIX now also offers a flexible subscription service. Users get all the power and functionality of the regular ACID Pro 8 but enjoy all future updates, full support plus additional instruments and effects for a monthly fee from £5.99.


    “ACID Pro has a long, distinguished history and a very large and loyal following. It was vital, then, that we spent a long time consulting with this ACID community of artists and producers over how we should improve the software. We are very pleased that most of their suggestions have been included in ACID Pro 8. This enormous passion of the ACID fan base has really transferred to me and my team,” says Torsten Heise, ACID Pro 8's product owner. “We firmly believe that, with its enhanced power and features-set, this latest version of ACID Pro will appeal to those users and a completely new generation of creative musicians and professional producers. ACID Pro 8 heralds a new dawn in the software's glorious history and will become the DAW of choice for today's forward-thinking and creative artists.”


    Apart from ACID Pro 8, MAGIX Software has already driven the development of other professional audio titles forward, such as SOUND FORGE Pro 12 and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12.


    New Features of ACID Pro 8 at a glance:

    • A modern, sleek and inspiring user interface
    • Powerful 64-bit technology
    • Flexible 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recording
    • Advanced MIDI and audio editing features
    • £1000 of new plug-in instruments, loops and effects
    • 9GB of all-new ACIDized loops


    Prices and availability:

    • ACID Pro 8 – £119.00
    • ACID Pro 365 – from £5.99 per month

    More information at www.magix.com/gb/music/acid-pro/

  • 04.04.2018

    SOUND FORGE Pro began as a revolutionary mastering workstation for audio engineers in 1993. Since then the software has been adopted by many leading audio professionals the world over, such as Ted Perlman, Paul Brown and Anthony Casuccio.

    Since SOUND FORGE was acquired from Sony in 2016, MAGIX has been reviving the entire product line, releasing SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 and SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3. Now SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is sure to set a new benchmark in precision audio processing. This important milestone release also marks the audio master's 25th anniversary.

    SOUND FORGE Pro 12 further enhances the traditional strengths of SOUND FORGE Pro by adding new cutting-edge mastering and restoration features, along with modern hardware and platform compatibility. The software has a new 64-bit architecture and a large suite of additional plug-in effects, which now benefit from VST3 compatibility. DSD formats are supported in the new version and allow for import and export of audio files in optimal quality. SOUND FORGE Pro 12 also makes use of innovative psychoacoustic mastering, which can prevent conversion artifacts through high-quality Pow-r Dithering algorithms.

    Four tools from MAGIX’s high-end broadcasting software SEQUOIA were also added in the new version. The Wave Hammer 2.0 tool offers automatic mastering options while still giving users total control over their sound. The features DeHisser, DeClicker/DeCrackler and DeClipper provide SOUND FORGE Pro extensive audio restoration capabilities. 

    With all of these additions and enhancements, SOUND FORGE Pro 12 can step up to any audio task. From pro-quality multichannel recording to broadcast level mastering, precision editing to pristine restoration, this latest version is the ultimate audio editing tool for audio professionals.

    SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite has also been announced which adds the highly innovative spectrum analysis tool SpectraLayers Pro 5. This is a sound designer's dream as it presents the user with a complete spectral visualization of the audio and allows every aspect of a recording to be shaped within a stunning graphical environment. The Suite also contains high-value plug-ins like iZotopes RX Elements and Ozone 8 Elements.

    Finally, MAGIX Software is also offering SOUND FORGE Pro 365 which is a flexible subscription service that allows users to enjoy the many professional features of SOUND FORGE Pro 12 for low monthly fees from $14.99 per month.


    SOUND FORGE's product owner Thomas Wolf, says: “All improvements in SOUND FORGE Pro 12 are based on feedback from our users. We completely focused on their requests. The overall performance of SOUND FORGE Pro has been considerably enhanced by bringing the software to the 64-bit platform, and the new VST3 support grants access to a huge variety of plug-in effects. We've also added a large number of professional plug-ins and features but the software retains an intuitive workflow. We truly believe that, on its 25th anniversary, SOUND FORGE Pro 12 sets a new benchmark for the professional audio production industry.”


    There are three versions of SOUND FORGE Pro 12 to choose from:

    You could find detailed version comparison here:

  • 28.03.2018

    The release of Photostory Premium VR complements MAGIX's successful Photostory product family with a new, innovative way of editing photos and videos. The program includes an extensive set of VR functions, the full functionality of Photostory Deluxe and numerous additional effects.

    Photostory Premium VR offers users various options to create interactive VR presentations. 360° photos and videos can be assembled to form professional virtual tours. Additional content such as regular photos and videos or texts can be added and edited with just a few clicks. The software also makes it possible to achieve real surround sound by adding audio files. Users who do not have an extensive collection of 360° or 3D content can also display their conventional photos and videos in one of the 3D worlds provided by the program.

    No additional hardware is required to run Photostory Premium VR and create impressive interactive VR presentations. Even an ordinary PC or laptop can realize the full potential of this incredible new VR software. It brings a technology, which is increasingly used at trade fairs and in the real estate industry, to a completely new audience of every-day users. Photostory Premium VR also supports advanced VR hardware and fully-featured VR content that can be extensively edited.

    For sharing and playing finished VR experiences MAGIX provides the free app MAGIX VR-X Player. This allows viewing on a PC or laptop, with VR glasses or with a VR headset for smartphones.

    MAGIX has also announced Photostory Premium VR 365 which is a subscription service that allows users to enjoy all of the professional features of Photostory Premium VR for a low monthly fee.


    “Virtual reality is currently one of the most exciting technological developments of our age”, says Stefan Renz, Photostory Premium VR's product owner. “We have  over 20 years of experience in developing photo and video editing software and are using this knowledge to help shape VR innovation. We truly believe that Photostory Premium VR will greatly expand the circle of users who can take part in this exciting new technology.”


    MAGIX has already been working on VR projects with Intel (Alloy) and Microsoft (HoloLens). In 2017 the company acquired Dresden software firm, simplitec GmbH in order to tap into the virtual reality market. The simplitec team is now fully focused on VR development under the MAGIX management.

    Depending on their requirements VR newcomers and professional producers of VR content can choose between different versions of Photostory Premium VR:

    A detailed version comparison can be found here:

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    Tutorial content: Create virtual rooms and connect them to other rooms within your project, add room elements such as audio files, videos, or other media and define duration settings. ► Are you in the US? Click here: https://www.magix.com/us/foto-grafik/photostory-premium-vr/ ► Are you in GB? Click here: https://www.magix.com/gb/foto-grafik/photostory-premium-vr/ Tutorials overview: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL59E0685EA1C6BACC Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/posts ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/ ► Find more MAGIX products (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL534051F62FC798AA
  • 24.04.2018
    Introducing ACID Pro 8: The creative DAW. ACID Pro 8 is the creative DAW for all music producers. Behind its slick new interface lies a powerful, 64-bit music production powerhouse. It combines ACID's famous easy workflow with pro-level features, over $1000 worth of new instruments and effects, and 9 GB of all-new ACIDized loops. ACID has a world-class, 20-year heritage and, with VST3 support coming soon in a free update, ACID Pro 8 is very much the creative DAW for today's forward-thinking artists. ► Are you in the US, go to: https://www.magix.com/us/music/acid-pro/ ► Are you in GB, go to: https://www.magix.com/gb/music/acid-pro/ Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/posts ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/ ► Find more MAGIX products (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL534051F62FC798AA
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