Create. Simply. VEGAS Movie Studio 14 is now available!

  • 21.02.2017

    Madison, Wisconsin; 2/21/17 – VEGAS Creative Software announces the availability of the latest update to the VEGAS Movie Studio family of products, which includes VEGAS Movie Studio 14, VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum, and VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite.

    For the first time in three years, a new version of VEGAS Movie Studio delivers a family of products that gives both new and existing users the editing tools they need.  Built on the same powerful technology as the award-winning VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Movie Studio continues to be an innovation leader in the world of video editing. With passion and energy focused on creating the most stable and powerful version of VEGAS Movie Studio ever, the VEGAS Creative Software team presents version 14. The VEGAS Movie Studio family helps everyone from beginners to advanced video editors fulfill their movie-making ambitions. Several new features and improvements, based on direct customer feedback, will excite current customers and foster the creativity of everyone new to movie making.  

    VEGAS Movie Studio 14 – What’s new?

    • New, modern user interface:
      A cleaner, clearer design offers a clutter-free interface that makes the software quick to learn and easy to use.

    • Multicam Editing
      Combine up to four separate cameras into one timeline event to make multicam editing a breeze.  Play your project, and any time you want a different camera angle, switch from one camera to another in real time with a click of the mouse.

    • Support for Hi-DPI Monitors
      Take advantage of all the clarity and precision offered in today’s Hi-DPI monitors. As you upgrade your technology, VEGAS Movie Studio automatically adapts to the new environment.

    • Hover Scrub
      The new hover scrub feature in the Trimmer window speeds the editing process.  Scrub to find the perfect section of a clip, then drag and drop it to the perfect place in the timeline.

    • Vignette video effect
      Add a timeless, classic look to your video. Create a border with a soft fade into the background that adds a touch of romance and mystery.  The perfect effect for a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or holiday moment.

    • Special partners bring even more editing power
      The Platinum and Suite editions come bundled with specially selected plug-ins from industry-leading partners NewBlueFX, HitFilm, MAGIX and SmartSound.

      • NewBlueFX: a powerful set of video effects and transitions
      • MAGIX: Music Maker software from MAGIX provides sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools to create custom music tracks for your videos
      • HitFilm Tool Pack: Stunning Hollywood-style special effects
      • SmartSound SonicFire Pro: the fastest way to automatically create a customized music track that fits perfectly with your video

    “VEGAS Movie Studio has been a leader in the video editing industry for a very long time, and version 14 proudly builds upon that legacy. The same powerful core technology that drives our industry-leading VEGAS Pro also powers the Movie Studio line. So, it doesn't matter whether you're just getting started or are taking on more sophisticated projects. Whether you just want simple, basic editing software or you want to start moving into more pro-level tools, there is a VEGAS Movie Studio product that's perfect for you.” – Gary Rebholz, Product Owner for the VEGAS software line.

    The following VEGAS Movie Studio products are now available online and in stores worldwide.  

    • VEGAS Movie Studio 14 - $49.95
    • VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum - $79.95
    • VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite - $139.95
  • 14.12.2016

    Following its official acquisition of Sony Creative Software for audio, MAGIX now releases a new version of SpectralLayers Pro for Windows and Mac. This version came about under the guidance of Robin Lobel, who created the concept and has developed every SpectraLayers Pro version from the very beginning. The software uses realtime technologies to deliver deep audio spectrum editing. Three main principles make SpectraLayers Pro 4 one of the most innovative solutions found on the market: Real time spectral editing, direct control of spectral sample and a layer system for spectral compositing.

    What's new in SpectraLayers Pro 4?

    The new version primarily focuses on optimizations of the Audio Engine, more efficient project and layer management and cooperation with other DAWs (especially Pro Tools®). In this way, SpectraLayers Pro 4 makes possible seamless project exchange with Pro Tools® as a plug-in (AAX). Now audio files can be transferred with just one click directly from the DAW to SpectraLayers Pro, where they can be edited and re-imported back in realtime.

    It is also now possible to work in the software on multiple projects in parallel. Data can be exchanged between projects quickly and easily. On the other hand, the new "layer grouping" is more than just a management tool. Precision joining and selective editing of various layers takes a huge load out of the mixing process and sound design. Frequency and harmony selection tool optimization also delivers excellent results, for example with "lock to frequency". This function makes it possible to quickly navigate, select and specifically edit a certain frequency. This works thanks to a new algorithm, which automatically sets the areas you have selected!

    Robin Lobel and MAGIX are excited about the successful cooperation and are pleased with the harmonious result:

    "This is the most polished release to date and improves on the foundations set by SpectraLayers Pro 3."

    Artists on SpectraLayers Pro 4

    "I love using SpectraLayers Pro to help create Sounds that appear to spring naturally from another dimension. I can deconstruct and reconstruct familiar as well as unidentifiable sounds into shadows or translucent projections with its unique tools and structure."
    Dane A Davis, Danetracks president, Oscar winner for "The Matrix"

    "The ability to interact with audio on such a new and graphical interface opens up incredible potential for both restoration and sound design."
    Tim Nielsen, sound designer, Skywalker Sound (A Lucasfilm Company)

    "SpectraLayers Pro provides a unique toolset for visualizing and manipulating sounds the way we actually perceive them. No other application on the market can match its potential for true creativity!"
    Johan Althoff, lead sound designer, Starbreeze Studios

    "Our main work these days is providing music and illuminating sound design for film scores like Hercules, Total Recall and the Fast & Furious franchise. I've become a big fan of SpectraLayers for the apparently magical powers of audio dissection it possesses. It has given us practically forensic tools to be able to manipulate audio and is a great addition to a sound designer's palette."
    Mike Truman, composer, Hybrid (Total Recall, Fast & Furious)

    SpectraLayers Pro 4 is available immediately in the following versions:



  • 15.11.2016

    As part of the latest Music Maker product line update, Soundpools and software instruments are now available directly within the program via the new store. This enables users to easily customize Music Maker to their music tastes and create a whole new world of sounds for music production in just a few clicks.

    How does the new Music Maker store work?

    • Right after program start, users will have the opportunity to download and install the new update. The store is marked with a download symbol. Once it's downloaded, it is located to the top right in the Media Pool.
    • In the store, all Soundpools are displayed under "More loops" and all virtual instruments under "More instruments" by default. If you're searching for a specific genre or instrument, the search bar will help you get results faster.
    • To find the exact loops or instruments you're looking for, the store lets you preview demos. You can also check information via the detail view, such as the number of loops and variations in a Soundpool, tempo in BPM, audio format etc.
    • It only takes a few clicks to purchase Soundpools or instruments. The content you've purchased will then be downloaded and installed right away. You can continue working with the program while the installation is taking place.

    From today, the store is included in the latest versions of MAGIX Music Maker, Music Maker Live and Music Maker Premium.

    Find out more about the store in Music Maker: www.magix-audio.com

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Test & Awards
  • Micromart - n.d.

    VEGAS Pro 14

    "A new addition to the MAGIX range that certainly lives up to expectations."

    "A sophisticated editing solution used by many professional film makers and video editors."

  • Digital Photographer - n.d.

    MAGIX Photostory Deluxe

    "This is a handy piece of software with everything you could possibly need for creating professional slideshows."

  • musicradar.com (US) - 10/03/2016

    MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3

    "This is a serious end-to-end DAW, then, and a genuine alternative to some of its better-known rivals."

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  • 21.02.2017
    Have more fun making videos – With VEGAS Movie Studio 14 With this new version, you’ll find a modern user interface, new effects, and many more new options to create fantastic films. Click here to check out the new version: goo.gl/hzDVq2
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    A score's priceless for setting a scene! Sequoia master @hebakadryy made the list for her work on #Jackie! #Oscars… https://t.co/yb2c4shtqv
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    #VEGAS #MovieStudio 14 is out now! Find out all about the new features & check out a #free demo here: https://t.co/kIuzZXIuLA #videoediting
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  • 20.02.2017
    Video Editing Software Powerhouse. A powerful bundle of seven high-quality production applications, VEGAS® Movie Studio Suite provides everything you need to create pro-level videos. Bundled video editing software, video effects, DVD and Blu-ray creation tools, and amazing audio production tools from industry-leading partners fuel your creativity. Add polish and shine to your video and upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. Or burn your masterpiece to DVD and High Definition Blu-ray disc. ► Are you in the US? Click here: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-movie-studio-suite/ ► Are you in GB? Click here: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vegas-movie-studio-suite/ Follow VEGAS on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vegascreativesoftware/ ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vegassoftware ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the VEGAS Magazine: https://vegas-magazine.com/ Tags: VEGAS , VEGAS Movie Studio 14, VEGAS Creative Software
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    Extreme lighting conditions and intense colors can easily be corrected by automatically optimizing color, brightness and contrast. ► Are you in the US? Click here: http://www.magix.com/int/fastcut ► Are you in GB? Click here: http://www.magix.com/gb/fastcut Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/posts ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/ ► Find more MAGIX products (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL534051F62FC798AA Tags: MAGIX, Fastcut, automatic video editing, action cam software
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    Specify the number and frequency of cuts in your video. With custom editing templates, you have more freedom for designing videos so that they reflect your own personal style. Create a template exactly the way you want! ► Are you in the US? Click here: http://www.magix.com/int/fastcut ► Are you in GB? Click here: http://www.magix.com/gb/fastcut Follow MAGIX on social media: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MAGIX ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MAGIX_INT ► GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+magix/posts ► INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/magix/ ► For tips, tricks and tutorials, check out the MAGIX Magazine: http://magazine.magix.com/en/ ► Find more MAGIX products (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL534051F62FC798AA Tags: MAGIX, Fastcut, automatic video editing, action cam software
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